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Recreational Skippers Ticket

Who needs a Recreational Skipper’s Ticket?
If you want to drive a motor vessel powered by a motor over 6 horsepower in WA, you're going to need a Recreational Skippers Ticket (RST).

There must be at least one person on the vessel at all times that holds a RST. This doesn't mean that they must be at the wheel the whole time but it does mean they are responsible for what happens on the vessel during the course of the voyage. 

Frank Pisani brings a new dimension to the course with over 25 years in Volunteer Sea Rescue in the busiest water ways in Australia.

Upon successful completion of the course you will be issued with an interim certificate so that you can get out on the water right away.

How long does it take?
8am to 4pm on Saturday.
All equipment supplied including vessel and practical conducted in Rous Harbour.

How much does it cost?
$190 (incl GST)

RST day courses

Course Date
21st July 2012

4th August 2012

25th August 2012

Evening Courses
To be confirmed